Secret Keeping for Beginners

Even the closest families have secrets … it’s when they are shared that things begin to change.

This book follows three very different sisters as their lives collide over a few summer weeks and the secrets threaten to break the family up.

Recently divorced Rachel is juggling her new dream job in interior design PR with the demands of two young daughters.

She’s full of creative ideas but – even with a colourful childminder or two – some days she can’t make it into the office on time and in matching shoes. Her life is balanced more precariously than she cares to admit.

Tessa, a talented muralist, is feeling flat. Her sons are growing up and she’s feeling upstaged by her husband’s new-found celebrity as the host of a reality TV home restoration show. But everything turns on its head when she gets a surprise from her past.

Youngest sister Natasha leads a glamorous jet-setting life – she’s one of American Vogue‘s favourite make-up artists who regularly creates the looks for the biggest fashion shows in Paris and Milan. Single and childless, she’s been focused on her career – but when the lie she’s concealed for years threatens to come to light, the truth will make her question everything.

Meanwhile their mother, Joy, a hippy vegetarian caterer, is carefully ignoring the letters that keep arriving at her door.

Into the mix comes Simon, Rachel’s urbane boss, hiding secrets of his own. And everything lurking beneath the surface of this seemingly happy family is about to come out …

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everything changes-600

Everything Changes But You

Home is where the heart is – but what happens to your heart when the people you love are scattered around the world?

Hannah and Matt are very happy together, living in London’s cool East End with their two young children. Hannah has a job she loves as a beauty editor and Matt is always just about to break through as a songwriter.

But then events start to pull them apart, with Hannah certain they’d be much better off down in the English countryside with her family – and Matt’s mum needing them with her, back in Sydney, 17 000 kilometres away.

Hannah’s mother, Marguerite, mends broken china, but can she can repair her damaged marriage? And Matt’s vivacious young cousin, Ali, feels lost, looking for love in a strange city.

All of them have unsettling secrets and while some are better shared, others might be best left unspoken – the problem is knowing which are which.

In this story of three women’s search for a place to call home, Maggie Alderson crosses continents and generations to explore how we find happiness – and whether love can survive betrayal.

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go mo story-600

The Go Mo Short Story.

Jess is having her Golden Moment — she’s successful, attractive and confident. When the drop-dead gorgeous Adam walks in to her cafe, it’s love at first sight, but her friend Trina has been reading The Rules and warns her to play it cool. Will her ice queen act create the air of mystique and intrigue she’s hoping for, or drive him away? In this short story, Maggie Alderson explores the rituals — and pitfalls — of modern dating.

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shall we dance2-600

Shall We Dance?.

‘Was he even twenty-five?  He was half my age and I was dancing with him like some moon-eyed teenager.’

Loulou Landers, London’s undisputed Queen of Vintage Fashion, meets a man on the eve of her dreaded forty-ninth birthday.  He’s kind, he’s sensitive, he’s divinely handsome and he carries a designer suit like George Clooney.  Unfortunately, he’s barely half her age, and Loulou’s just not ready to ‘go cougar’.

Then there is Loulou’s 21-year-old daughter, Theo, who won’t get a job, won’t move out, wears chainstore fashion, and hasn’t said a civil word to her mother for years.  And she is on the verge of her own spectacularly unsuitable affair.

So how will Loulou cope with a daughter who’s off the rails, a man who won’t take no for an answer, an ageing process that won’t slow down – not to mention a birthday party in a camping ground?  Like she always has – with wit, grit and an exemplary sense of style.

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how to break own heart

How to break your own heart

‘Do you always sleep in separate beds?’

A question from her outspoken friend Kiki shocks Amelia Bradlow into taking stock of her ‘perfect’ life. She might have the adoring husband, the flat in Mayfair and the country cottage, but what about the things that really matter? The warm body in your bed – and the unmentionable matter of the baby they haven’t had yet . . .

Then, just when she is most confused, up pops gorgeous Joseph Renwick – the first boy she ever kissed – back in town and dangerously single.

Struggling to put thoughts of him aside, mild-mannered Amelia finally summons the strength to make some changes. A reinvigorated career and a style makeover turn her into a new woman – but husband Ed preferred the old one.

So can she confront Ed once and for all about the cracks in their marriage? Will she find it impossible to resist Joseph? Or will she finally learn to stand on her own two Louboutins . . .

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cents and sensibility uk penguin

Cents and Sensibility

Stella Fain has a rule for men she likes: make them wait … But the gorgeous Jay proves an exception to the rule when he bowls Stella off her Prada wedges at a press junket on the Cote d’Azur. He might seem to have everything going for him, but Stella is about to realize that there’s only thing worse than having a boyfriend with no money … and that’s having one with too much. Jetset lifestyles can be fabulous, but Stella’s career as a journalist isn’t something she wants to jeopardize for any man, no matter how filthy rich or gorgeous. And then there’s her father – a six-times-married prime slice of Alpha Male with a grudge against inherited wealth … and Jay. There’s no denying money makes the world go round and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they don’t make the path to love any easier to tread. With or without the Prada wedges.

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handbags amazon

Handbags And Gladrags

Emily Pointer would rather jog naked through Harvey Nichols’ beauty hall than be seen with last season’s handbag. A fashion stylist with Chic magazine, Emily is a natural blonde, a effortless size 10, travels the world for work and gets 30% discount at Prada. As far as she’s concerned, life is perfect.So surely a night of wild sex with a hunky Australian photographer during the fashion show season in Milan will be just another fabulous experience to add to the package? Instead, Emily starts to discover that life can be messy- and the designer clothes in your closet can be squeezed out by the skeletons lurking in there too. From the bestselling author of Pants on Fire and a former magazine editor herself, comes the delicious tale of a woman who was kidding herself that another Birkin bag was all she needed to achieve fulfilment.

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mad about boy penguin uk

Mad about the Boy

‘Some of my best friends are homosexuals. I just didn’t expect my husband to be one too.’A year after Antonia and Hugh move to Australia with their 4 year old son Tom, everything is going terribly well. They have a lovely house, they’re very popular – and then Hugh tells Antonia he is gay and has a boyfriend … It’s only the arrival of Ant’s outrageous lavender-haired uncle Percy that lifts her out of her depression and sends her off to the gym – to combat the lardy thighs her comfort eating has given her – where she meets the mysterious James, and falls head over heels in lust.Soon Ant finds she’s over Hugo – but by then her problems are only just beginning …

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pants on fire UK

Pants on Fire

A broken heart is hard to mend. And a good heart is practically impossible to find … When Georgia Abbott’s fiance cheats on her, she’s left with a broken heart and the reality of her humdrum life in London.

Until someone tells her about a job on Glow magazine: in Sydney. That’s Sydney, Australia – where the welcome is as warm as the weather and the men look like Mel Gibson, but taller. What’s she got to lose? So Georgia packs up and ships out Down Under. And at first things seem promising, as she’s swept up in a whirl of A-list parties, dancing, and debauchery. But while Australian water may go down the plughole the other way, Australian men are – oh dear – starting to look all too familiar …

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