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536f385a048488b85613429768919442Hands up who’s obsessed with Pinterest? Not just me, right?

I have to ration how long I allow myself to play around on there, but one use I find it justifiable to linger for is home décor planning.

I used it for choosing my wood burning stove (I went with the cream one) and my new hall paint colour (Farrow & Ball Pelt) and both projects turned out absolutely brilliantly.

Now I’m about to take on a mammoth renno – if everything goes according to plan I’ll be putting in a whole new kitchen, with an extension and everything.

So I’m very active with my Kitchen Thoughts board.


Of course, I also buy every interiors magazine on earth and go back looking through all my books (and may I strongly recommend the works of my very adored pal Hilary Robertson – she is la bomb), but I find Pinterest very useful for honing ideas down.


It’s great to be able to see lots of riffs on the same theme in one place and then you can work out exactly what works about one, but you don’t like so much in another.

So far my kitchen researches have turned up the following:

1. I am over patina.
2. I’m going to be putting my collection of blue and white jugs in the attic (can’t quite part with them yet).
3. It’s going to be all about mixing up textures.

I’m thinking shiny white cupboards, mixed with matt black cupboards, with one marble worktop and a warm wooden floor.


Things that will not be in my new kitchen:

1. Anything grey.
2. Anything copper.
3. Anything shabby chic.


Most of all I have understood that there is one thing I am even more obsessed with than Pinterest and that is Crittal windows.

These are the large-paned black steel industrial windows you see here. I heart them so very much. They’re furiously expensive, so I’ll have to find a cheaper alternative.

I wonder what I might find on Pinterest…


  • Denise
    June 4, 2016

    Oh Maggie, I hear you! What I find fascinating about Pinterest is that after pinning for a while you can look back through your boards and certain themes become really apparent. In my case, it’s French modernist interiors, and striped breton tops (although I already knew I had a thing for those)!

  • Claire
    June 4, 2016

    Agree that Pinterest is a great way of working out what one likes and a way to fall down the rabbit hole of excessive screen time!
    Houzz is another fun resource for home renovations.
    Good luck with the renos and please post before and after photos.

  • AgnesD
    June 5, 2016

    Me too, I love Pinterest. I’m constantly on it. I like to do it like a ‘salon hang’, i.e. the pins have to look good and work well together on the main page. If they don’t ‘play well’ together, I start deleting until they do. I don’t really care about how the individual boards look.

    Also, I’m trying to use it as a way of not clothes shopping. I’ll decide that the best way for me to enjoy a certain piece is as part of my Pinterest – where I can perve on it whenever I want, but not actually buy it. That’s the plan, but I find it’s not working as Stella Jean is concerned.

    Also Maggie, why is today your last ‘The Rules’ column for the SMH?? I’m gutted. That’s one of the highlights of my Sunday morning lie-ins.

    • Jane Campbell
      June 5, 2016

      Agnes D

      I have tears in my eyes just thinking about no more “The Rules”. We will just have to wait for the new book and keep reading Maggie’s blogs.

      Jane Campbell

      • Ros Harbison.
        June 6, 2016

        Amen to that.

        • Maggie
          June 15, 2016

          xxxx Ros… please send the link to this page to any pals who you think might like it. It’s all about the numbers on a site like this! xxx

      • Maggie
        June 15, 2016

        Thanks Jane – as I said to Libby, if you have any friends who used to like the column, please send them a link to this. If I can get the numbers going, we can have some proper fun! M x

  • Cath @ mybeardedpigeon
    June 5, 2016

    I love Pinterest – when I was breastfeeding I thought- this is made for breastfeeding, I can be pinning and promoting my business as well as looking at all other nice things. My friend describes it as “the cream”, google images is a frightening place you would never look, whereas if you follow the right people they find you the cream on top.

  • Jo
    June 5, 2016

    I love pinterest too but sadly finding more and more ads slowly moving in..especially in the healthy lifestyle and cooking sections

  • Bernadette Green
    June 5, 2016

    Oh I just LOVE the post deco vintage industrial black rimmed doors / windows (like Roslyn Oxley’s fab space in Sydney/so many other great old factory style buildings in that Rushcutters/Paddington area). My current gig house/home Richmond Hill original front in tact of course but inside total rebuild. As for form/function the big mistakes here: an agar cooker that juts out into the galley area with either side, get this, UNSEALED textured plaster finish. Cooking not allowed on the front 2 burners (hugely practical) actually I am going to post a photo on Facebook now, you will get a good laugh out of this. Cupboards/drawers that are manufactured white then painted very thin layer of grey (as in that grey of 3 or 4 years back = yuck/pretentious for me. Obviously this scratches like crazy. None of the dark granite surfaces in the kitchens, skullery, bathrooms are sealed so one is constantly being asked to constantly wipe the kitchen surfaces while cooking and use a double cutting board system to prevent marks. Kitchen/dining room floors painted finish wood not sealed either so they mark if spills not cleaned up immediately. THE least practical kitchen I have ever had to work in to date. A kitchen needs to function well and not be precious; you agree? The heart of the home needs to be able to cope with a few drops and scrapes; the food and the eating together so much more important than some stupidly fragile finishes. How exciting to be able to design a new kitchen from scratch. Enjoy the process. x

  • Michael
    June 5, 2016

    I agree I love it too but now have the hang of Instagram and use that all the time and sadly there is only such much time in one day to look at fabulous images!!!

  • Miss Annie
    June 6, 2016

    Ye Maggie, I have rationed myself to one hour a week! My boards are mostly fashion related but do have one board of nice interiors. (I have finally retired the scrapbooks filled with fashion pics – sooo 20th century!) Pinterest seems to be a very female thing – although I have one male friend who is constantly on it – an Architect – so you can imagine the sort of pics his boards are filled with. good luck with your new kitchen Maggie!

  • Lara
    June 8, 2016

    Maggie, I have just finished ‘secret keeping for beginners’. LOVED IT. I found a second hand copy of ‘handbag heaven’ in a book exchange whilst on holidays. That will keep me going until your new book comes out 🙂

    • Maggie
      June 15, 2016

      So glad you liked it, Lara! Means so much to me, as I’m coming to the conclusion of the new one = scary bit!

  • Ella
    June 15, 2016

    Maggie, did you see this award-winning conversion of a loft in Fitzroy? The kitchen and windows look right up your alley.. http://gallery.australianinteriordesignawards.com/year:2016/awardid:154/entryid:2030

  • Ursula
    June 21, 2016

    Lurker coming out of the woodwork to say I really enjoy your writing, and to recommend you spend not a penny on a kitchen without perusing mariakillam.com .

    Maria is the queen of how to make your kitchen (and the rest!) something you will love and never tire of; and I promise you will never look at colour in the same way again.

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