7 Days of Positive – Day 140: Christmas commercials

The arrival of the John Lewis Christmas advert is a big moment in the my family’s year.

This year it was a big downer.

It’s a beautifully-made commercial, with a very good message at heart – it was done in conjunction with the charity Age UK and encourages us to remember all the old people who will be on their own at Christmas.

It’s very hard to argue with that message, except that the ad makes me so sad that I can’t bear to watch it. None of us can. We change channel every time it comes on.

I want a sentimental moment from their ads, so perfectly delivered with earlier offerings such as the toy penguin (above), the darling snowman and the adorable little boy who couldn’t wait to hand his presents over.

A tear in the eye – not cascades of them running down my cheeks with actual sobs.

So I was thrilled the other night to be watching telly with my daughter when this ad came on. We’ve watched it on YouTube countless times since and it never fails to delight.

Just watch out for the inevitable ear worm.

Here’s the John Lewis ad – but you’ll probably want to go back to the Bose after watching it…

  • rosy@kempsey
    November 30, 2015

    Not getting your blog very often these days, Maggie, don’t know why that is….
    don’t mind this ad, gets its message across, but not as good as previous ones, I agree…..
    Cheers, Merry Xmas from DownUnder……

    • maggie2015
      November 30, 2015

      You’re not getting them – because I haven’t been posting them! The only reason is time. I absolutely love the freedom of writing this, but I don’t make any $$££ from it, so I have to put writing that achieves that first.

      It’s frustrating because I have ideas for this every day, but it takes a surprising amount of faffing about to get the thing up and I mostly I just don’t have time. xx

  • Miranda
    November 30, 2015

    Omg weep weep
    I think it’s a lovely message… dear little girl.
    So nice to have you back in my inbox Maggie. I’ve missed you! AND as I actually met you when you were here in Sydney I feel a connection!! (Not SWF weird stalker fan I promise…) x

  • Pip
    November 30, 2015

    Just on the Christmas theme – have you heard Kate Miller Heidke and the Beards new Christmas song? Hysterical!

  • Fashionista
    December 2, 2015

    God that John Lewis ad is depressing. Yes important message blah de blah, but surely there was a happier way to do it. The Bose ad has been on TV here (Aust) and my family is much amused by it!

    • maggie2015
      December 3, 2015

      They have got up themselves after owning the previous few years – this year they’ve been outclassed by several others. The new Vodafone ad is brilliant. Google it – I’m not posting it because I am in a dispute with that company over an outrageous bill!

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