7 Days of Positive – Day 134: Wardrobe changeover

My tulips are out. The male seagulls’ mating cry can be heard racketing around the streets of Hastings Old Town (they really go for it, with much squawking and wing flapping…). Spring is definitely here.

Suddenly I want to wear a sweatshirt rather than a cashmere jumper and I know I won’t wear my favourite boucle wool cap again until September.

Time to do the wardrobe changeover.

Also time to do an audit to see if I’ve got everything I need for my book tour.

I’m trying to remember what it’s like in Sydney and Melbourne in early May. Definitely cooling off, but not cold. Cooler in the morning and evening kind of thing. Cashmere will be included.

It’s always nice to open the wardrobe in the spare room and reacquaint myself with all the clothes which have been living in there for the past seven or eight months.

I’d forgotten how many dresses I have. I really don’t need another dress, although I did accidentally buy one yesterday. Vintage Missoni, divine colours, it had to be done.

That’s coming with me.

So that was all lovely, as it is every year, squashing the winter coats back into the cupboard and bolting the door shut, but it was even more special this time, as I pulled all my spring and summer clothes out and decided how much I still like them all.

Every single one of them fits me.

There were things I haven’t been able to wear for three years, which I will be so happy to get back into. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe without having to spend a single penny.
I’m now just a kilo off what Dr Ducan tells me is my ‘True Weight’. I haven’t used his programme to lose my rolls, but a friend who did tipped me off about the True Weight calculator on the Dukan website and I think it’s great.

It takes into account your age, your height, the size of your frame (calculated by your wrist) and the number of diet you’ve been on in your life. Then it comes up with a weight which is healthy, will make you feel good, but which – crucially – you can maintain without ridiculous effort and self deprivation.

To my great satisfaction, the weight that came back for me was exactly what I’d been aiming for.

I’m so nearly at it and when I get there, I’m staying there. I never want to be locked out of the wardrobe I’ve spent a lifetime compiling again.

I know you want to see this. I always think Mrs Seagull (they pair bond for life) looks as though she’s thinking what to make for dinner.

  • Sue
    April 17, 2015

    I am making the reverse trip for three weeks: Melbourne/London. I am wearing a light wool coat in Melbourne, especially in the evenings, and a scarf and cardigan during the day, but then, sometimes it’s colder inside my house than outside. We had a massive hailstorm the other morning, followed by a crisp sunny day. Hope the book tour goes well; I saw you in Hawthorn last time.

  • jan logan
    April 17, 2015


    Your garden looks lovely.
    All the very best for your book tour.

    Warm regards,

  • Linda
    April 17, 2015

    How nice when you rediscover your clothes from last season and find you still love them! It’s like experiencing the joy of the purchase all over again. And more so when you’re able to fit into old skinny clothes (I did notice your very svelte frame in the clip you posted yesterday). By the way, when will you be in Melbourne for your book tour?

  • Julie
    April 17, 2015

    Oh Maggie j can totally relate but living in Sydney my summer gear which has had an amazing workout this year is heading to the spare cupboard and my winter gear is starting to have its presence felt.

    I must say though I am always more keen to get the summer wardrobe out come September than I am to get my winter wardrobe out come April, And try to fight fight fight the need for stockings, opaques, jumpers and coats until after Anzac Day… So far this year I have succeeded, managing with lovely cropped jackets over sleeveless dresses for work and lightweight poncho’s over linen pants on the weekend… Winter is coming though so make sure to pack some winter gear or better still save yourself for some of our fantastic Aussie designers!!!!

    Off to the Opera house tonight to see the Australian Ballet perform Giselle now what to wear …..?????

  • Fran
    April 17, 2015

    Maggie you know all the Melburnians are going to come back with the 4 seasons in one day comment. Such a cliche but as with cliches so true. It’s generally around 18 -20 at the moment. We all had our winter gear out for a spell and then had a few gorgeous sunny days and now it’s back to wraps and sweaters …a great excuse for little splurge . The vintage Missoni sounds divine can we dibs you wear that to Jeffrey’s bookstore ??

  • Suzanne Stanton
    April 17, 2015

    I did the opposite changeover here in Sydney last weekend. The light jumpers and jeans are all lined up- ballet flats and my lovely new raincoat. Cardigans over the work dresses! I’m loving navy again.

  • Sue Elliott
    April 17, 2015

    Having gained weight over the last three years, largely due to awful medication that sadly I have to take, much of my wardrobe is now unwearable – at least by me – my 23 year old daughter is having a lovely time with some of it. Your posting has inspired me to try again to get the weight off, and to claim again those clothes which currently just remind me of former times.

    Early May in Melbourne can be cold. Not ‘London cold” but I have already worn my winter coat this year.

    Greatly looking forward to your book. Love the pictures which inspired your writing.


  • Zayin
    April 17, 2015

    I had an amazing op-shop experience the like of which I’d only read about in your columns–the incredible clothes of a lady who passed away at 91 had been donated by her family. The staff on at the time neglected to ask any details about her life, but the family members informed them that the hat was worn to receive her OBE. (This is in Australia). It was sort of sad and poignant, and I wondered about the life of this woman who clearly had exquisite taste and was very well traveled (judging by the number of Japanese kimonos she owned..). Maybe she was a writer? A WWII spy? This has not much to do with your blog post, but still. People’s wardrobes are so redolent of the lives they’ve led. I bough the hat, a kimono and a suit. It was all I could afford.

    • maggie2015
      April 17, 2015

      How wonderful. Where was the op shop??? Can you post a pic of the hat???

    • WattleflatJane
      April 17, 2015

      It’s a long shot, but it wasn’t in Ballarat, was it? I had a similar find and found out that the owner had been a code breaker in the war.

  • Ella
    April 17, 2015

    Those seagulls are hilarious! I love how they both peck the ground in unison after the biz is done.

    • maggie2015
      April 17, 2015

      I know! I thought that was like the seagull version of the post bunga bunga ciggie.

  • lara
    April 17, 2015

    Well we all know that Melbourne can bring four seasons in one day …. but then I am from Sydney so would say that 😉

    I have recently lost three kilos due to changing my diet for health reasons – and whilst it doesn’t sound much, I have rediscovered some lovely clothes in my wardrobe which had been neglected for a few years. It’s like being reunited with old friends … and my underwear fits SO much better. What is that ?!?

  • WattleflatJane
    April 17, 2015

    I had a reverse experience the other day when I turfed out some clothes that I no longer love or have to admit I will never wear again. I have clung onto a 1980s couture deep green silk velvet Victor Edelstein dress that I snaffled at the Black and White Committee’s annual jumble sale in Potts Point in the mid 90s. I actually contacted the designer a while back to see if I could work out the provenance of the dress but he assured my that he had dressed hundreds of girls back then and wouldn’t have a clue.

  • bonniecat
    April 17, 2015

    I do a twice-yearly wardrobe change-over, usually around the start & finish of AFL season &/or daylight saving. There are always a few days when it is much hotter/colder than expected, so I have learned to keep some layering pieces in permanent storage space. Oh the total catharsis of taking pre-loved garments off to the consignment store – never to be thought of again – and as a bonus, even getting paid for it, when they sell! Shedding 3-5 kilos is always a good morale-booster, but not so good if it occurs through illness – gastro or the flu. It can be devastating to discover that all your clothes are falling off you & you just might have to resort to the children’s department to tide you over!

    • lara
      April 18, 2015

      I have adopted a gluten free and dairy milk free life based on my GP advice. I couldn’t do without yoghurt otherwise it would be dairy free but he relented. GF foods can be quite expensive – and limited whilst out and about. But it is helping my symptoms. Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Not much fun. In fact, no fun at all. But hey, my arms and legs still work and for that I am grateful !

  • Ros
    April 17, 2015

    Don’t forget that Melbs can bring on a perfectly snodger spring day…in winter. Definitely cashmere weather. And an elegant brolly. We know you’ve got one.

  • Bernadette
    April 18, 2015

    Dear Maggie, Congratulations again on getting to a weight u r happy with – a wonderful thing – so liberating and great to have so much more choice of what to wear/feel comfortable in. 31 degrees in Sydney (app) a couple of days ago, but I would say in general this time of the year here and there pretty close. The days are so long now in the UK; those winter days so short and the summer days so long – the length of the day never so pronounced Sydney/Melbourne. Revamped site looking wonderful and great to c u have a firm release date for the book. What a productive time. B

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